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The Coalition to Preserve PSLF consists of over 90 organizations committed to preserving Public Service Loan Forgiveness because we believe it is of vital importance for the wellbeing of communities across our country. PSLF allows public service professionals to pursue their passion for service professionally even if they have student debt. 

Read our Coalition's letter to new Members of Congress


Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) supports public service professionals (think public health, public education, public safety, etc.) who took out student loans to support their education. The PSLF program was designed so that after 10 years of monthly loan repayments and full-time public service, these public service professionals earn forgiveness on their remaining federal student debt.

Public service professions often require a college or graduate school degree, but yet these jobs typically pay less than the professionals could potentially earn in the private sector. ​

Public service professions include:

  • Public Health: Nurses, Veterinarians, First Responders, Doctors, Social Workers, Food Safety Professionals

  • Public Education: Public and Parochial School Teachers, Special Education Professionals 

  • Public Safety: Police and Corrections Officers, Prosecutors and Public Defenders


These public service professionals deliver critical health, education, and public safety services to the communities that need them the most and help uplift families across the nation. This is especially true in hard to reach communities where recruiting pubic service professionals is becoming increasingly difficult.


The Department of Education recently released data about the number of applicants for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

As of June 30, 2019, 90,962 student loan borrowers submitted 110,729 applications for public service loan forgiveness, but only 1,216 have been approved.


Our Coalition submitted a letter to the Department of Education asking for more data to be released and encouraging the agency to take steps to more clearly define qualifying employment and qualifying loans so that borrowers are better positioned to successfully participate in this vital program. 

Read our Coalition's letter to Secretary DeVos